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LJ   – –  The musical duo LJ consists of Larry Jasinski and his sister Lei Jasinski.  They perform their own progressive contemporary – – a blend of progressive pop, rock, and jazz – – with some classical influences.  Larry pilots electronic keyboards, while Lei plays bass and sings vocals.  Occasionally they also play acoustic numbers or an electric guitar classic.

LJ performs the songs on Larry's new CD  Imaginary Dawn .  Reviewer Mark Suppanz, in The Big Takeover magazine out of Brooklyn, characterizes Larry as a "talented keyboardist, guitarist, and composer" whose music is "overlaid with a symphonic sheen."  He describes Lei's vocals as "soothing, playful, and theatrical" on this "darn delightful" album.  Read THE BIG TAKEOVER REVIEW !   In Progression magazine out of Lowell, Massachusetts, reviewer Eric Harabadian calls Imaginary Dawn an "indie gem of an album" that is "chock full of inventive melodic ideas and great song construction."  Read the PROGRESSION REVIEW !

LJ music duo – –Larry and his sister Lei

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