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Red Nickel Records is a music source brought to you by Gary Hickinbotham, who has engineered and produced records for the better part of twenty-five years. Gary has recorded Grammy and Indie award-winning records, but he has often been more impressed by the music of folks who never got a recording contract or even much recognition within their own communities. There are countless talented artists who never get the notice they deserve. This site is one small step towards helping a few of these creative souls share their art with the world.

Here you will find single songs, eps, and entire albums by talented songwriters and performers.

Red Nickel is a small independent record label, but you'll also find recordings here that were made by other small independent labels and/or the artists themselves. We promise - great songs, no bad recordings!

Larry Jasinski's debut CD:     Imaginary Dawn                      Larry's latest release:     The Classical Collection


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