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Imaginary Dawn - - Larry Jasinski

Larry Jasinski is a marvelous composer and musician who has struggled all his life against the demons of bipolar disorder. His music is inventive, powerful, well arranged and full of expression. The beautiful and haunting songs on Imaginary Dawn were recorded as we could over a period of years, and we want Larry to write and record more of his wonderful music in the future. Read the album reviews in The Big Takeover magazine out of Brooklyn and Progression magazine out of Massachusetts.

The Classical Collection - - Larry Jasinski

Larry's newest project offers listeners special insight into a realm of lifelong inspiration and personal study--his world of classical music. Red Nickel Records presents these ten original works for piano and orchestral synthesizer. Larry's performance spans an emotional spectrum from flowing beauty to poignant angst to playful intrigue.


Bread and Wine - - The Ash Family

The Ash family has been performing around central Texas for decades. Known for their heartfelt and insightful songs, this album stands as their finest work to date. The album is thematic, a journey through life and around the world. Songs on this album will make you chuckle, wax nostalgic, shed a tear and rise with hope. They asked me to help them make a record somewhere between "Phases and Stages" and "Graceland." Some great musicians performed on it, the family sang great (there's no harmony like that made by blood) and I think we did it. Not to be missed.


Short of the Blues - - Anthill Society

This band has a sound all their own - not quite acoustic, not quite rock, edgy, but short of the blues...

Their debut album Low Life was well received in the U.S. and in Europe. Short of the Blues takes their music to a new level. Jim Murray's songs are sometimes heartfelt, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, and his vocals are always powerful and evocative. The band provides a rich backdrop with original arrangements and good playing. You won't be disappointed. For more about the Anthill Society, check out their web site.


Mudcat - -Dr. G and the Mudcats   (Cheatham Street Records)

The first album on the Cheatham Street Record label, and worthy of it. Dr. G is Gregg Andrews, a songwriter born and raised on the Mississippi River in Missouri. Dr. G is really Gregg Andrews, a most excellent songwriter whose alter ego taught as a professor of history at Texas State University. But don't let the "perfesser" title mislead you - Gregg is one of the most down-to-earth men I've ever met. His songs take you from Missouri to Chicago to Mississippi and back to Texas, with stories of the life and truth found in all those places.

The Mudcats on this album are Johnny Arridondo (of the Hal Ketchum band) on drums, Sterling Finlay (the "groovemeister") on standup and electric bass, Colin Brooks (member of Band of Heathens and a great songwriter in his own right, but call him Mr. Tone on this record) on the fattest tasty guitar and dobro, the fantastic Brady Black (of the Randy Rogers Band) on fiddle, and Kent Finlay producing. Recorded on the stage at Cheatham Street, and with fishheads on the cover, how can you lose? 






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